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Follicular Aspiration of Donors

A technique used to collect oocytes (eggs) from the ovaries of donors by ultrasoound-guided follicular aspiration and send to the laboratory for fertilization.

In-Vitro Fertilization

Fertilization process involves co-incubation of sperms of the client’s choice with the eggs retrieved via aspiration. Both conventional and sexed semen can be utilized to fertilize the eggs. Once fertilized, the embryos are kept in incubators to grow and develop into blastocysts for the next 7 days.

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Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing is an efficient and economical method for storing embryos, until suitable recipient cows (surrogate mothers) are available, or for transporting embroys to recipient cows at a distant location.

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Semen Processing And Cryopreservation

At Alhaiwan Semen Production Centre you can be assured your bulls will be handled properly. For quality assurance each ejaculate is evaluated for traits such as volume, density of sperm cells, color and smell, percent motility of healthy normal cells and the rate of activity of the sperms. After semen is frozen, some straws are selected at random and thawed at 37 ‘C and checked for quality.

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Embryo Transfer

Transfer involves evaluation of the synchronized recipients and then transfer the embryos into animals that responded to the synchronization protocol.

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Pregnancy Diagnosis

Methods used to identify the pregnant out of open cows. Ultrasound can be used to find pregnancies earlier than with rectal palpation, thereby allowing open cows to be rebred sooner. It also allows a more thorough examination of uterine and ovarian problems.

Donor & Recipient Facility

A farm dedicated for keeping the clients donors and recipients where they are given balanced nutrition and optimum care to be able to yield more embryos and pregnancies.

Message from the CEO

When I speak to people about Alhaiwan, one of the first points that comes up in conversation is the strong relationships we forge with our customers.
Alhaiwan is a goal oriented company built on the principles of flat management, total participation of employees and transparency of operations. 

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Muhammad Farooq

DVM, MSc (Hons)

Director Marketing

Omer Farooq

MBA (Marketing)

Production Manager

Hassan Riaz

DVM, MPhil, PhD.

International Consultant

Dr. Khalid Rao

D.V.M, MSc, PhD.
University of Sydney, Australia

Legal Advisor

Ali Haider

Bachelor of Laws (UOL)

About US

Al-Haiwan established its first company in 1990 with the name of Al-Haiwan Veterinary Traders offering “one stop shop” services for dairy/cattle farmers. This company has now outlets across 5 major cities of Pakistan. All of these branches deal in: Allopathic, Homeopathic and Herbal medicine as well as vaccines for veterinary usage. All types of animal feed.


Khadim Hussain CEO - Green Dairy

For pregnancy Diagnosis and IVF Embryo transfer, Al-Haiwan has been giving us incredible services. Trustworthy in delivering high quality results.

Nadeem Aftab Sindhu CEO – Lyallpur Dairy

We are using IVF Embryo transfer services from team Embygen of AL-Haiwan Group since last year. The quality of work is commendable, resulting in higher pregnancy rates superior quality of newborn animals.

Ali Kamyana CEO – Punjab dairy

The semen of local breeds like Buffalo, Cholistani and Sahiwal from Al-Haiwan Sires has consistently been producing excellent progeny always excelling their dams in milk production.