Message from the CEO

When I speak to people about Alhaiwan, one of the first points that comes up in conversation is the strong relationships we forge with our customers.
Alhaiwan is a goal oriented company built on the principles of flat management, total participation of employees and transparency of operations. These three key enterprise philosophies contribute substantially to our success.We encourage and nurture the talent of everyone within the company. It drives the concept of continual improvement and efficiency as we strive to find new ways to work smarter and at the same time discover unrealized opportunities for all customers.
Our culture is reflected on so many different levels within the company. A substantial number our employees have been with the company for more than 10 years and our business continues to post impressive results in a mature market. Over the last few years, Alhaiwan has become one of the Pakistan’s fastest growing enterprise in the livestock sector.

We understand the need for on-line services and trust that you will benefit from the professional data and updated information appearing on our website. As I look to the future, I can only see positive outcomes for Alhaiwan and it’s customers.

About US

Al-Haiwan established its first company in 1990 with the name of Al-Haiwan Veterinary Traders offering “one stop shop” services for dairy/cattle farmers. This company has now outlets across 5 major cities of Pakistan. All of these branches deal in: Allopathic, Homeopathic and Herbal medicine as well as vaccines for veterinary usage. All types of animal feed. Complete range of artificial insemination and veterinary equipments. American and Chinese liquid nitrogen containers and Pet accessories. In this project livestock farmers are also provided with veterinary mobile and emergency services at their doorstep regarding treatment, vaccination, de-worming, A.I and extension.

Al-Haiwan Sires the sister concern of Al-Haiwan is progressively engaged in the livestock breeding services since the year 1995. The owner is specialized in animal reproduction and set-up the first private semen production unit for bovine and caprine in Pakistan. We are the Genetic Services Leader with a clear goal to eliminate poverty from Pakistan by making poor dairy farmers self-sufficient. Salient features of Al-Haiwan Sires are mentioned below,

Al-Haiwan Training Institute has been established since 2005 at Al-Haiwan Sires facility, Sahiwal. It is aimed at imparting skill in the field of breeding, nutrition, housing, management, value addition and disease control under one umbrella. We provide Artificial Insemination training in bovine and caprine for jobless matriculate youth to promote self-employment and A.I Services to the poor farmers of the remote areas. We also provide trainings to the dairy farmers to address newly emerging issues in imported cattle & genetic improvement of local cattle. We are contributing to increase the farmer’s income through healthy, productive and genetically improved livestock.

Embygen founded in 2016 became the premier IVF service provider in the country with a vision to apply genetics and advanced reproductive technology to meet the countries needs for enhancing animal protein production. We now offer our clients industry leading invitro fertilization, embryo transfer and genetic preservation services.

Another sister concern of Al-Haiwan is VetSol that was established in 2011 dedicated to serve to livestock industry in Pakistan. We are importer and distributor of veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and equipment including AI Sheaths, gloves and liquid nitrogen containers. Our prime objective is to market quality veterinary products in the veterinary market of Pakistan. In order to achieve this goal we always work with the manufacturer who are known for delivering quality. Along with head office in Sahiwal we have zonal offices in Multan, Jhang and Sargodha. Our sales team comprises of well-motivated, energetic and qualified people, who are dedicated to serve. At the end we can say that VetSol is a newly found company but has enrolled experienced staff to achieve success in the field of livestock products in Pakistan.