Al-Haiwan Breeding Farm

Alhaiwan Breeding Farm is part of a Nucleus herd of Al-Haiwan Sires, Semen Production Unit and is located on the premises of AL-Haiwan Farms, approximately 5 Kilometers on Pakpattan Road, Sahiwal.

We sell fresh raw (unpasteurized) milk daily. We use A2A2 cows because they are known to produce the healthiest milk. All of our cows are disease free. They receive rich organic ration while milking twice per day or even when dry. There is nothing artificial on our land, with our herd, or in the milk we produce. On our farm there are no fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides used and no antibiotics or hormones are administered to our cows. Owning a totally organic dairy farm has been our life-time dream and they Alhamdulillah we are well qualified to follow that dream.

At Alhaiwan Breeding farm we also sell recipients pregnant with pure Red Brahman, Bhagnari cross Grey Brahman, Brangus, Cholistani, Sahiwal and Buffalo embryos. List of the pregnant recipients is shared regularly on our Facebook page so please keep watching.

Feel free to contact us at +92-344-3030000 with questions

 CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: It’s a good idea to call and make sure we will have what you need. If you don’t talk directly with us, leave a message with your order & phone number. We will call you and confirm your order, and set it aside with your name on it.