Internship program at Al-Haiwan Sires offers an opportunity for the DVM students to gain experience as emerging professionals by playing a vital role in the semen processing operations. Al-Haiwan Sires currently offers two types of internships:
»  Academic Internships (For students pursuing a bachelors, graduate degree, or recent graduates)
»  Technical Internships (For students in formal training or pursuing masters in the Reproduction)
Academic Internships are for students pursuing a bachelor or graduate degree who want to learn more about Reproduction. Recent graduates are also encouraged to apply. Academic Internship opportunities focus on strategic projects that our team is working on such as project management, technology and more. Academic participants will work closely with supervisors and mentors on active projects and initiatives. All majors are welcome to apply!
Technical internships are for students in formal training or pursuing Master’s degree in reproduction. Technical internship participants receive mentorship and hands on experience from the facility experts at Al-Haiwan Sires.
Understanding the built environment will help you excel in your career choice.
Al-Haiwan Sires is seeking enthusiastic interns to join our team. You are welcome to apply. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.