Livestock provide diversity and a risk management tool to most farms. They earn important income. However, are your livestock really earning their potential? Could you make simple changes to increase your income and lower your risk? We believe a lift in income is possible on farms. This would not be complex, risky or labor intensive. Great gains have been made in cropping technology in recent years and similar improvements are possible with livestock.
Al-Haiwan Sires can help you plan your livestock management to increase your farm income by offering Technical guidance on various activities in livestock farming such as Production, Management, Breeding, Disease Management and Treatment, Animal Nutrition, Products preparation, Processing/Value addition and Marketing. We can also help you in:
»  Carrying out prefeasibility studies for starting the farm.
»  Preparation of project report for getting bank loans.
»  Design of construction of the farm shed/ processing plants for milk and meat including slaughter houses.
»  Purchasing of right quality animals for the farm.
»  Technical guidance on fodder production in the farm.
»  Feed formula for livestock farms.
»  General and Health care Management of livestock farm.
» Information about prices, disease outbreaks, procedures like vaccination schedule, which have to be followed in the farm     periodically.
»  Preparation of livestock products, value addition/ processing.
»  Market research and marketing of livestock related products.
»  Creation of brands for the products, identifying “niche markets” and penetration of newer markets.
»  Economic analysis of farm activities, preparation of financial statements such as Balance sheet, Cash flow statement and Profit and     loss statement, identifying the break-even point of production.
»  Export guidance for livestock products.
»  Market for Kurbani Sheep/Goat and other seasonal and regional delicacies.
We have run many successful and enjoyable workshops with farmer groups. Recently 18 workshops were run on different courses related to livestock & dairy. We have also provided several cross border consultancies.
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